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02 September 2007 @ 09:19 pm
Uncharted Destination-Chapter Two  
Title: Uncharted Destination
Author: horselovergurl
Pairing: Max/Fang
Rating: T (PG-13)
Chapter: Two-Mom Mode
Summary: Fang actually looks into that island option. And the madness that occurs from it. 

I’m so glad you guys liked it. I only got four reviews (how disappointing.
L), but I saw how many people read it (AND DIDN’T REVIEW!). Sorry, but when you belong to the Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter fandoms, you’re used to a lot more reviews.




Myrah: It makes me happy that you reviewed, because I know you’re a good writer. I like your story A Little Place Called Home (but haven’t had the chance to review the sequel ALPCG). I should review it. :D Glad you like it!


On to the story!


Uncharted Destination- Chapter Two


I woke up with sand in my face and something wet licking my cheeks. Coughing, I sat up and saw that Total was covered in sand and was attacking me with his tongue.


“Total!” I cried out, wiping my cheeks. He chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Dogs.


Looking around, I saw that most everyone else was still asleep. The small campfire we’d set up the previous night sat burned out. It wasn’t like we needed it much though; it was summer. Then I saw one of my flock was missing: Fang.


Blinking and wiping my face, I tried to not panic. He went for a walk…he went to get water or food…he had to go to the bathroom…


There was a rustling of bushes and Fang came out from the bathroom spot. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.


“You look stressed,” Fang said with a smirk as he walked over to me. I rolled my eyes.


“Like I’m concerned for your safety.” I sarcastically bit back.


“Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the blanket.” He quipped.


“It doesn’t help that you leave and say nothing…”


“I thought the whole point of being here for a while is so that you could relax,” a smug grin formed on his face. I scowled, and opened my mouth to reply when Total spoke.


“Can you two stop flirting and wake everyone else up? I’m hungry.” He said. Trotting over to Angel, he tried to lick his master awake, but she rolled over, tired from their late night of talking and eating sugar. I turned away and tried my hardest not to blush, but Fang chuckled from behind me, and I heard a snicker that let me know Iggy was awake.


I snapped into Mom-mode. “Alright everyone. Up and at ‘em,” I said, standing and walking to Ig, who rolled over and groaned.


“Five more minutes Mom,” he sarcastically said, looking smug. I knew he’d been listening to the whole conversation, including Total’s little remark. Scowling, I replied.


“You know Ig, the ocean’s only a few feet away, and it’d be only too easy to get some water to pour on you.” He frowned and sat up, rubbing sand from his face. The beach wasn’t exactly the most comfortable place to sleep, but it was nice, a beautiful, calming beach, and we could see our surroundings. Fang was already waking up Gazzy and Nudge, and Angel was awake, sitting up and playing with Total.


“Whoo hoo, swim time!” Gaz said, jumping up. I stopped him before he could fly up and cannonball into the water.


“Um, no,” I tugged his arm and he frowned. “Breakfast time.” I corrected.


“Good, I’m hungry…” Nudge said, rubbing her stomach.


“So am I, but I wanna swim,” the Gasman whined. “Can we afterwards?”


“Wait an hour after you eat,” the last thing I needed was for one of my kinda-sibling mutant winged-freak to die by drowning. Fang rolled his eyes at my mom voice, and with a satisfied look on his face, he bent down and mumbled something to Gazzy. Gaz’s face lit up, and he passed it along to Iggy. I narrowed my eyes at Fang suspiciously, and he looked back at me with a smirk and bright eyes. I felt my insides melt, and I waited patiently with The Voice to respond with something annoying like it always did…but nothing happened.


Thank god, I’m rid of it, I bitterly thought, returning to my duties to feed the rest of the awakening flock.


“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.” Nudge said with a smile as I handed her a bag of mini-donuts. “Except I don’t think they have horses here. How would a horse live on an island? Besides, who would take care of them? There are wild horses though, but where do they live? Do ranchers go out to take care of them?” Nudge babbled for a moment, asking random questions out-loud, not even expecting an answer.


“Could I have the powdered ones?” Angel sweetly asked me. There were two bags left, chocolate and powdered. And I was already hoping for the powdered ones.


“Sorry sweetie, these are mine, but you can have the chocolate ones…” I trailed off as she made puppy eyes at me. I briefly wondered if she was trying to change my mind with her telepathy, and I shook it off, the thought scaring me.


“Ok,” she said with a frown. She took the chocolate donuts and reluctantly began to eat them, a pout on her face. I sighed and turned away, sitting cross-legged and opening my powdered donuts. I felt eyes burning into my face and noticed that Fang was watching me, a serious look on his face. I turned and met his eyes briefly, then glanced away, trying not to blush.


After we ate, I headed to the bathroom, anxious about leaving the flock alone. But Fang was there to watch them, and I trusted him to take good care. And if he let them do something stupid, I’d strangle him, so it was a win-win situation.


I returned to find Angel and Nudge lying on the beach, wings fanned out. My heart sped up for a minute nervously before Nudge opened an eye and looked at me.


“Hi Max.” She smiled at me.


“Hi…what are you doing?” I blinked at them, half wondering that, and half wondering where the boys were. Total was stretched out between the girls and yawned.


“Tanning.” Angel replied for Nudge.


“Why?” Oh yeah, perfectly normal thing for them to be doing.


“Because it’s what girls do on the beach.” Nudge answered.


“Perfectly normal,” Angel added, obviously having read my thoughts. I sent her a look that told her to stop reading people’s thoughts without their permission.


“And what do boys do on the beach?” I asked, looking around for them.


“Kick sand at us,” Nudge replied, making a scowl. “That’s why we sent them to the jungle.”


I sighed. Great. Now it’s off on a search mission to find the missing three. “Kay guys, get up. We have to find the boys.”


“Aww, but we’re tannnnnniiinnnngggg,” Total whined.


“Come on,” Angel and Nudge got up slowly as I put my hands on my hips. I heard the two girls sigh.


“Why do you have to be such a mom. This is our vacation,” Total muttered under his breath as we trotted over to the jungle of plants.


“Whoo hoo!” I heard a voice call in the distance. With my enhanced vision, I could see amazingly far, (as the rest of us can, not that Angel and Nudge were paying attention) to where the guys where darting in and out of the plants, zipping through the trees at a dangerous speed. I ran ahead, ready to strangle Fang. I took a running start and snapped my wings open, taking to the air carefully to avoid smacking into any trees.


“FANG!” I yelled as I saw him swinging on a vine past Gaz and they slapped high fives. He leaped into the air and landed too gracefully for someone who had leapt from 30 feet in the air. Gazzy shot into the air and through the trees, then came back down. I took in a deep breath and clenched my teeth. How could he let them just run around like that? What if they got hurt!?


“Hey,” Fang replied as he coolly walked up to me, obviously ignoring my furious expression.


“What—are you doing?” I asked as I took an angry step toward him.


“Wandering.” He responded.


“Hey Max, wanna see my Tarzan swing?” The Gasman asked from behind Fang.


“So, what if some Erasers appeared from nowhere and decided to attack you guys?”


“And the Erasers would come from, where?” He snarkily answered. I set my jaw again and he matched my movement, making me more mad.


Suddenly I jumped in the air, snapping my wings open as I flew straight up, crashing through the tops of some palm trees as I hit the open air. I took off as I heard Fang calling out at me, and I heard him come up behind me. I clenched my fists in anger, feeling tears sting my eyes, and I threw on the warp-speed, the tops of the trees disappearing fast beneath me. I started zooming over the open water, closing my eyes against the wind.


“Max…” a voice next to me and I jumped, startled to see Fang zooming along right next to me, somehow able to keep up.


“Wha-Fang—how are you?!” My eyes widened in surprise as he smirked.


“We share blood, remember?” He answered.


I slowed to a stop, and he slowed next to me. The sudden stop threw me back, and we both tumbled into the cold water.


“Gah!” I let out a cry as I hit the water with a splash. I swam to the surface and spit out a mouthful of the sea water, my teeth chattering.


“Maybe a gradual slow would be better next time…” Fang said, pushing back his wet hair. It flopped back into it’s usual place over his eyes, splashing me with more water. I shivered and rubbed my arms. Yes that would have been smarter, I internally cursed myself.

“So, what was that all about?” He asked. I looked away, rubbing my arms again.


“Nothing,” I growled in annoyance, then caught his eyes.


Oh great, the eyes! I realized I probably shouldn’t have done that. He was giving me a look that made shivers run down my spine, shivers that had nothing to do with this cold water.


“Really? You’re usually not the type to throw a fit over nothing.” He replied. I let out a groan of frustration, clamping my hands together.


“What if something had happened to you?” I asked, trying to stop my chattering teeth.


“It wouldn’t have.”


“It could have.” I repeated. He looked at me intently, then put a hand on my arm, warming my body immediately.


“Everything is going to be ok.” He said in a serious tone, moving his hand to brush my dripping hair out of my face. I looked up at him and felt more shivers over my body, and I felt myself illogically trust him completely.


“O-o-okkk…” I nodded, my teeth still chattering.


“We should probably get back to the flock,” he said after a few moments, and I broke out of my ‘trance’ my eyes darting away from him back to the island, looking tiny in the distance.


“Holy crap! You left them alone!” I yelled at him.


“Relax! Iggy’s with them.” He answered, not helping my angry situation.


“Iggy’s blind.” I hissed, and we flew out of the water and headed back to the island. He had a smug on his face the whole time.


A/N: Ok, it was short, yes, but I have cuts on my hand right now and it hurts to type, not to mention I thought it’d be better to end it there. I know ya’ll probably wanted a kiss or something, and you have no idea the self-control I had to use not to randomly twist the plot so they’d both be like ‘I love you!’ and make out like crazy. *giggles* Anyways, review, because I love them and they keep me writing! XD

If you like Twilight, go check out my other fic, Connections. ;D

how's it sit? pretty cunning, don't ya think?: remember you remember me;;fang&maxfirstday_icthus on September 3rd, 2007 06:11 am (UTC)

omg Total's always been my favorite character, but you totally made him even funnier.

“Aww, but we’re tannnnnniiinnnngggg,” Total whined.

That line sent me into the most intense giggle fit ever. XDD
(Anonymous) on May 15th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
total rawks xD wheres the next chapter? im waiting for the next book already, and the final warnings only been out a week or two. so i read the fanfiction. and wait.
“Aww, but we’re tannnnnniiinnnngggg,” Total whined.
the_shaz on July 24th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
that was good:)
when is the next book comeing out????
he'd better make it so max doesnt freak out and fly away from fang again....
if he does i will be very very very angry!